Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Brew Year!!

It's been a wild ride these past 12 months. We've had ups and downs and even a few loop de loops on the road to building this brewery. Things have not always worked out the way we had hoped or expected (we REALLY thought we would be open or close to opening by now), but we would not change a thing. Every speedbump along the way has taught us something. And we are so thankful.

We can't get over the opportunities we have been provided, or the amazing people we have met. We're just gonna say it: The Arizona beer community is the BEST in the world. The most supportive, gracious, kind and generous. We can not wait to open our doors and share a pint (or two) with you!

Speaking of opening our doors... We know we have been quiet about our location, but believe us, we are diligently working day and night to make this happen. In the past few months we have purchased some equipment, we ordered our custom made brew kettle, and we booked our tickets to this year's Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC. Our livers have only recently recovered from last year's CBC, so we'll see how this goes. Wonder what kind of shenanigans we will get into?

We are in the process of revamping our website, thanks to our good friend Erik. Thank God Erik loves beer. We are also fine tuning our new logo. New shirts will be ordered once it is complete and will be available for purchase on the website soon!

We are looking forward to a very happy and prosperous new year! From the bottom of our hearts, souls and pint glasses, thank you for sharing this journey with us. Cheers to 2013! May it be full of Mischief!