Monday, March 26, 2012

We make Mischief....

Mischief (n) - conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance; a tendency to tease, vex or annoy.

We were never really big drinkers. We weren't the kids getting wasted in high school or college. We didn't even serve alcohol at our wedding. It wasn't until we were preparing for our first trip to Europe in 2006 that an interest in beer began.

We were going to London. And what is there to do in London besides see the Queen, ride on a double decker bus, and take pictures in front of Big Ben? Sit in a pub, of course. And what do you do when you're sitting in a pub? You drink beer.

Everyone warned us about the beer. It's thick. It's warm. It's dark and strong and disgusting. But we wanted to try it anway. And we did. We drank lots of beer in lots of pubs. And it was delicious. It was almost magical. Flavorful and pretty. Smoky and light. Nothing like we have ever tasted before. The bitters, the ales, the porters, the stouts, the ciders. The varieties were overwhelming. We missed it when we came home. We missed the beer and pubs and the fun people we had met a long the way.

And we got it. We understood why non-Americans referred to American beer as piss water. And we vowed never to drink piss water again.

A year later we decided to try some German beer. And where better to drink German beer than Germany? Munich to be exact. And there we fell in love with the marzens, the pilsners, the heffeweizens, the dortmunders and the dunkels. The way these beers tasted with the salty foods was a party in our mouths.

Returning from that trip was almost a downer. We could not get over all the varieties of beer available to the people of Europe. And how so many of the pubs and beer gardens we had gone to actually brewed their own beers. The focus was on the quality of the beer sold, not the quantity.

Back in the states, we began to search out quality beer made people who actually cared what beer tasted like. People who refused to serve piss water.

And then we discovered homebrewing. And our minds were officially BLOWN. We were making our own beer. And people actually liked it. Preferred it to the piss water they were so used to. And a hobby became a passion. And the passion, an obsession. An obsession to get everyone of our friends and family members to stop drinking piss water. To expect more from their beer. 

It's an activity that playfully causes petty annoyance. We tease and vex everyone we know about beer.

We make Mischief. And we're good at it.

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