Monday, August 12, 2013

Two stainless steel steps closer....

It has come to our attention that people really enjoy reading our blog.  It has also been mentioned that people really don't like it when we don't update it on a regular basis.  What we realized is that you guys really love knowing what we are up to.  What might seem trivial to us on this long, bumpy road to opening our brewery is entertaining and exciting news to those following our progress.  So with that said, we are going to make a concentrated effort to keep you up to date with our constantly evolving journey.  We hope you're ready, because here it goes.
Lets go back a few months.  Back to the Memorial Day weekend this past May.  While most of you were enjoying many pints of craft beer over the three days, we were making the 1,100 mile round trip from Phoenix to Colorado.  
You see, back in December of 2012 we placed the order for our Boil Kettle.  A beautiful 7 barrel sphere of awesomeness, custom built for us by the master craftsman Tom Bennett at Bennett Forgeworks in Ridgway Colorado.  It felt like a year, but after a quick 5 months, Tom called us to let us know that our new kettle was ready to be picked up.
Opening a brewery is a long and tedious process.  There is always something that needs to be addressed or ordered or paid for.  So we didn't have much time to sit idly by and wait for the months to roll by until we received that call from Tom.  No, no.  We spent those 5 months looking for the many other pieces of equipment that we still need for our brewery.  Fermenters, glycol chillers, kegs, taps, hoses, clamps, etc.  Barrels. It's a never ending search.  But what we found was something that we never could have imagined. 
As most of you know, we come from the fraternity known as The Colorado Boy Family.  There are about 50 of us so far, and a little more than 30 are open and brewing now.  And if you ever get the chance to talk to one of them, ask this question: "What is the one piece of equipment you wish you could have in your brewery?" 
Call it luck.  Call it karma.  Call if favoritism.  We like to call it Tom. Our friend and mentor, Tom Hennessy, owner and founder of Colorado Boy, bequeathed unto us the Holy Grail of Frankenbrew equipment: His precious mash tun.
But more on that later.
Our three day Colorado adventure flew by.  We drove more than 1,200 miles, visited 8 different breweries, met up with some old friends, and picked up 2 vital pieces of equipment for our Brewery.  But what we really achieved was getting just a little closer to completing our brew house.  Which means that we are getting closer to making this dream a reality. 
Things are happening at Mischief Brewing Company. We're happy you want to be a part of it.

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