Monday, April 16, 2012

Location, location, location

So after one of the most discouraging weeks we have had during this journey, last week began with a light at the end of the tunnel.

We may have, possibly, might but not certainly . . . found a location.

We are trying so hard not to get our hopes up. We are kicking ourselves in the ass for even saying it out loud. But so far it looks good. It's in the area we have hoped for. The price is right. The square footage will work. Our mentor, Tom Hennessy of Colorado Boy Pub and Brewery has drawn up a tentative floor plan based on our measurements and pictures. It's going to require some hard work, but we're good at that. So we'll see. Now we just have to come to an agreement with the building owner and get a letter of intent. Keep your fingers crossed.

Once the letter of intent is signed, we can move forward. Then it's building inspectors and construction bids and cleaning and painting and a mountain of paperwork for state and federal licensing. And although it sounds overwhelming and monotonous, we can't wait to get started!

Our goal is to do as much as we can ourselves. We're good at painting and laying tile and one of us knows our way around a hammer and nails. And although the other one of us refers to the different screw drivers as the plus sign one and the minus sign one, she's certainly not afraid to use them. Plus she's super good at delegating and supervising and picking up lunch so there will be plenty of things keeping her busy.

If any of you know fancy people like electricians and plumbers who will be interested in working for "hydration" (are you following us there? wink wink), please reach out to us. You can find us on The Facebook and The Twitter, or you can leave a comment right here. We would love to hear from you regardless of what you have to say.

Again, we can not thank everyone enough for the overwhelming amount of support we have received from total strangers. The craft beer community has embraced us tightly, and it is your encouragement that keeps us going. It all started because we were tired of driving miles to find a place with decent craft beer. And now we know you are, too. We are not just making Mischief for ourselves anymore.

We are making Mischief for you. And we are loving each and every moment of it.


  1. Joel and I are pretty darn good at laying tile and assorted DIY jobs... and my brother and dad collectively do HVAC, framing & drywall, woodworking, and basic plumbing and electrical. We've never actually hired anyone to do anything. And we like beer :)

  2. Best of luck to you. I can't wait.